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Yoga teacher training fully residential program

In our teacher training classes it starts with pranayama and meditation in the early morning we practices a whole day for asana and then at the evening students take relaxation. In our TTC program at 6.00 am each day started and near about 6.00 pm our classes get finished. During the daytime at our classes students having a long lunch break for relaxation and for lunch and having some smaller breaks of tea and healthy snacks here. At the morning time we eat together our breakfast after completing the morning session of yoga classes.

Our TTC program consist of yoga classes with activities like lectures, practical workshops and other activities like discussions, group activities, silent walks, karma yoga etc. And in every Saturday student do only asana practice and after that in remaining time they do self practices and in Sunday on student take relax its free day for them.

Dates Course Status
07th Nov - 29th Nov 2022 (Location: Arambol, Goa) RYS 200 Few Seats
01st Dec - 23rd Dec 2022 (Location: Arambol, Goa) RYS 200 Booking Open
05th Jan - 27th Jan 2023 (Location: Arambol, Goa) RYS 200 Few Seats
02nd Feb - 24th Feb 2023 (Location: Arambol, Goa) RYS 200 Booking Open
02nd Mar- 24th Mar 2023 (Location: Arambol, Goa) RYS 200 Few Seats