yoga gurus of india

Gurus are the pillars of any institution. We are blessed by our ancient Yoga masters, Spiritual Gurus and Saints. Our yoga teachers have spend their life in learning and spreading yoga and spirituality.

yoga teacher yogi shiva darshanYogi Shiva Darshan (Founder)

Yogi Shiva, the founder of Shiva Darshan Yoga Center was born and brought up in Dharamsala. He developed an incredible affinity to yoga and meditation since a very tender age. He is known to have learn yoga from renowned yoga masters of India from then on.He has been teaching yoga since 22 long years. His extended experience in the field of yoga made him the master of Ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga apart from an array of other yoga styles he had learnt. He specialized in the field of yoga and got certified as ERYT – 200 by Yoga Alliance US.For him yoga is not a part of his life but his own way of living.

Yogi Shiva inspired a number of yoga aspirants through his teachings. He teaches yoga from the perspective of a student rather than a teacher. This approach makes him stand aloof from the crowd. This is the main reason which makes Shiva Darshan yoga a top rated yoga training institute in Dharamsala. This approach enables a yoga trainer to perceive the training through the eyes of a student, so that he can thoroughly understand the difficulties the student might face which would eventually be helpful in training his students.

Swami Sachidanad

Swami Sachidanad started his spiritual journey in very early age . He spent plenty of time in mediation even in this early age. He graduated in Philosophy from Kurukshetra University in Haryana and did Post graduation from Punjab University (Chanidigarh) , India . During his studies he learned some Basic Yogic Kriyas , Pranayama and meditation from Swami Vinodanand ji. traveling across Northern India. Swami Sachidanand is well known for his Divine Yoga( Traditional Hatha Yoga ) and Sanjeevani Shakti Kriya (SSK ). SSK is a Unique, Powerful Breathing Meditative Technique. He has traveled all around India, Nepal, China and Europe (Switzerland, England ,Germany, Italy, Czech Republic , Slovakia etc. ) conducting seminars, workshops, satsangs and sharing his wisdom and teachings. He has been invited to different Institutions, company’s team buildings, prisons and has helped in shaping the life of thousands of others who has attended his workshop.

Swami Buddhi Prakashji

He got the first experience of Samadhi when he was just 7 years old. He had clearly visualized his past life which he led in the Himalayas. He finished his advanced education from Agra and Haridwar colleges. He was a student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who taught him Shankaracharya tradition. In 2007 he started the “Prakash Yoga Sewa Trust”. Budhhi Prakash Ji is highly qualified in the fields of Yoga as well as mediatation. Apart from these he holds many degrees such as M.A. (Yoga Philosophy), M.A.(Hindi Literature), T.M. (Supernatural Meditation), D.N.Y.S. (Yoga). He taught yoga in many esteemed yoga teacher training institutes. He also gave many lectures on various topics related to yoga and meditation

Swami Veet Ashok

Swami Veet Ashok is a meditation teacher and practitioner since two decades. The whole tradition of yoga and tantra has been assimilated in practical techniques.and the approach is in immersing the student into direct experience of what meditation is and also in offering clarity in what is not meditation.students are always welcome to have interactive sharing sessions, meditation being a very subjective experience.

He is one of our most versatile meditation / spiritual teacher guiding us the real path of happiness and oneness.

Shri Benu Ji

Benu Ji, is trained from Bihar school of yoga in yoga and pranayama and also as a Yoga Teacher in alliance courses. Completing near fourteen years of his teacher carrier in both 200 and 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in more than seventeen Yoga Schools in India and Thailand. He has trained thousands of Students in Yoga. Served in various ashrams around the world and trained under various modern Gurus. Conducts various retreat programs around the world.